Patents in Sports: Conclusion

My goal for this blog was to explore the history of sports through important inventions and their legal patents, which have taken sports from a hobby, used primarily for physical fitness to an entertainment business that generates billions of dollars of revenue, is enjoyed around the world, and has woven its way into the fabric of our modern society. It began with broadcasting of sports on radio and TV helped generate more money for teams. The boost in popularity and revenue led to better equipment being made to make a better product which led to even more people becoming interested in sports. People could watch on TV and feel like they were at the game, so stadiums try and improve the live experience by foam fingers, jumbotrons, and more beer.

We’ve come from humble beginnings involving some of the greatest scientists who invented wireless transmission with the radio to a man who just wanted to show his support for his high school team by making a novelty oversized hand. Sports has come a long way in a century and with technology playing a growing role in sports the future of sports should lead to even more incredible inventions.


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